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26.05.2009 10:49
III Lupusowka - Poland Zitat · Antworten

So, Freital is not so far from our place (about 200 km)! At least it is closer than Belgium :)

I asked how far is your 4x4 club from Poland because we would like to invite your team to us.

We organise III Lupusowka (11-14.06.09). It's one of the hardest cross rallies in lubuskie district. the rally takes place in the area of the Odra river bed between the flood banks. In this edition the competitors are allowed to go 48 hours non stop if they wish to (last year they had 24 hours). Each team gets a roadbook with the route and the places where the "stamps" (controll points) are. Your task is to collect as many stamps as possible but the stamps are fixed to different obstacles on the route and your card with empty places for stamps is also fixed to your car on a short metal line. To get the stamp you need to drive very close to the stamp. There is lots of mud, wild plants, water etc. so it is not an easy ride.

There are 2 classes - extrem and adventure (both have the same roadbook but different stamps - pkp's - controll points). The base is on the Borek Lake close to Kosarzyn ( There are places to sleep (not included in the price) but you can take your tents or campings free. Some catering is included in the cost of rally.

There are pictures of the last editions:

There are some pictures when we were arranging the route :

Registration fee for a car (driver+1) is 100 euro
Registration fee for atv (quad) is 70 euro
Extra person "on the board" is 25 euro

What's in the price:

preparation of the route
preparation of the roadbook
permissions to enter the terrains
24/24 care of organizers
packed lunch (proviant) on Thursday
hot dish on the route
integration party with food and drinks at the end of rally
prizes and cups for winners
certificates (diplomas) for all competitors

Rally office is open at 16:00 on 11th of June. Competitors can enroll at that time.
Start of the first team is planned at 19:00 on the 11th of June.

Obviously some teams come to the rally on Friday evening or even on Saturday. There is no pressure at all.

The limit is 60 cars and 30 quads.

The map how to go to us :,3.570557&z=9

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